WineSnobTV: Chardonnay Day

Did you celebrate Chardonnay Day? I know it did! In this segment we are featuring two guests. So pour yourself a glass, kick back and enjoy our chats.

Our first guest is Eric from Bin 412 Wine (@bin412wine), a Wine Educator, Enthusiast and Explorer off the beaten path. He discusses a brief history of Chardonnay and it’s origins and his favorite from Porter Creek Vineyards. Be sure to check out his channel for insightful deep dives into wine. He’s a great resource in your journey through wine.

Bin 412 Wine:

Our second guest is Felipe Tosso, Chief Winemaker at Ventiquero Estates  in Chile. He discusses the origins and story behind my favorite Chardonnay the Tara. A distinct pleasure I am only too happy to share with you.

Ventisquero Wines:

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