Wine Review: 2019 Grenache Blanc by Skinner Vineyards

Tonight’s occasion: 2019 Grenache Blanc by Skinner Vineyards, El Dorado, California.

Clear light color. Out of the bottle a gentle burst of floral notes, a touch of honey. This slowly dissipates to suggestions of tart stone fruits and a slate-like minerality punctuated by a touch of leather and citrus notes. Swirl vigorously to unlock the whole experience all over again. Very cool!

Body is very nicely balanced retaining moderate acidity while presenting a smooth, creamy and rounded mouth feel. The winemaker struck a perfect balance here. Stone fruits pull forward as floral notes fall back. You could almost miss the faint mineral leather. Transition to finish is seamless, only briefly punctuated by subtle dry tannic grip and a touch of spice which leaves the lips tingling. At 12.8% ABV, the palate can really explore this nuanced wine without being overwhelmed or fatigued. I like that.

I have been tasting some amazing white wines this summer from this region. This Grenache Blanc exposes the palate to new levels of excellence. There has been a clear attention to detail and forethought put into this wine. It is showing well now and should further integrate nicely over the next few years. I’d get a few, have some now and save some for later. Very nicely done Skinner!

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Wine Review: 2018 Sauvignon Blanc by Lapostolle

Tonight’s occasion: 2018 Sauvignon Blanc by Lapostolle, Valle del Rapel, Chile.

“Not all expensive wine is good and not all good wine is expensive”
~ WineSnob

Beautiful crisp aromatic nose with notes of mellon, hints of white cherry and stone fruit. A brisk swirl reveals a touch of licorice. If you strain, you can pick out a touch of leather in the back.

Body shows good balance front to back with good acid followed almost immediately by creamy smooth tannins. It leans more on the dry side of the spectrum while retaining fruit aromas from the nose. Stone fruit is more pronounced. Transition to finish is seamless, as mild acidity quietly gives way to buttery tannin leaving the palate wet and tingling with a touch of spice.

I reviewed a Carmenere by this winemaker not long ago which was immediately included in my long-term reserve. It presented incredible quality and potential for the price. I decided to take a look at their value offerings including this white and I must say that it is right in line with what I have seen so far. At around $12/btl it is peerless. Just buy a case and move on. Bien hecho Amigos! 🍷😁👌🏽

Thanks to and their extensive library, you can now access most of the wines I review on here. You can use the link below to have Lapostolle wines delivered to your doorstep.

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Guest Review: Chassagne-Montrachet Montagny Premier Cru

Au Pied du Mont Chauve’s 2015 Burgundy White is one of my favorite wines, so much so that I had this wine with the first dinner I ever cooked for my girlfriend. It was aged wonderfully! The wine has a mouth-watering acidity, that makes you crave a butter or cream-based sauce. Each sip is smooth and silky. It has hints of juicy pineapple, crisp green apple, and creamy vanilla on the nose and palate. I would definitely recommend this wine to any burgundy lover, but also suggest it to those who are looking for a fun break from an Oregon Chardonnay.

The Domaine Au Pied du Mont Chauve, is operated by Francine Picard, daughter of one of the biggest winemaking families in Burgundy. Francine, daughter of Michel Picard, grows beautiful grapes on the hills of Chassagne-Montrachet. Her wines are normally characterized by their limestone minerality, and supple fruits. Her calling has been to remain true to the tradition, and this is what any Burgundy drinker searches for. This wine, a premier cru, was selected for excellence, and lives up to that standard.

🌟: 9/10, 3 Preference, 2 Complexity, 1 Pairability, 1 Convenience, 2 Drinkability
💲: 30.00 USD (TotalWine)
🥐: I paired this with a braised chicken with a creamy mushroom reduction.

About our guest

Ethan Turner is author of today’s Guest Review. All the way from Scottsdale Arizona, Ethan is a certified Level 1 Sommelier actively working in the service industry where he gets to sharpen his palate on a daily basis. In his own words.

“Going to a wine shop is like going to a library. Each wine has its own story, flavor profile, and shelf life. Some wines are popular and become classics, some wines are trendy and go out of style within a few years. That makes it really hard to find the right wine. I love helping find what’s perfect for them.”

You can follow Ethan’s journey via his Instagram page @ineedsommehelp

Wine Review: 2018 California Rose by Empathy Wines

Tonight’s occasion: 2018 California Rose by Empathy Wines (of the most notable Gary Vaynerchuck), Napa California.

I was fortunate to receive a case of this Rose at launch. Thank you @myteslaadventure @reallifestarman!

In case you aren’t familiar with Empathy Wines, it is one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s (@garyvee) recent ventures. I cannot remember the last time I indulged in a Rose. I have been waiting for the perfect day to review it. With a protracted winter and rainy spring, today seemed better than any other day.

Nose has very crisp, fresh floral notes, rich in watermelon, berry and cucumber. If you dig deeper you can pick out a very faint hint of the terrior. That gets me every time! The nose may be fruit forward but the body less so. The watermelon and cucumber roll over into the body very nicely. A slight oak and diminished acidity allow these subtle characteristics to shine through. The body ends in buttery smooth transition which dominates the experience through the finish. There’s a very very faint spice note which fades away gracefully leaving you wondering what that was all about as you take another sip.

I have never seen a Rose quite like this. It is subtle, complex, and structured. It is very well built. This is a Rose I am perfectly fine with. Great job @empathywines and @garyvee! 🍷🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽