Free Social Media & Internet Use License

Thank you for your support. All WineSnob content is free to repost, republish, link to on your web site. You do not have to request permission. To better help you determine if you need to get in touch with WineSnob, please consider the following:

      • This Free Social Media & Internet Use License is limited to the subject featured within each post or  content media. That is, you can only claim use of WineSnob content, if the content is about you, your wine(s), your winery or product.
      • Please provide link-back(s) and credits whenever and wherever you use WineSnob content. We understand this may not always be convenient or possible depending on your platform or format, however between watermarks, comments, descriptions, links, social media tags, you should be able to find at least one that works for you. WineSnob will not enforce this, however this may affect how we look upon you and your brand in the future. To get love, you have to give love.
      • If we have not yet reviewed any of your wines, it might be beneficial to submit wine(s) for review. This will help WineSnob better understand/appreciate your wines and generate more free content for your use. You can submit a review request here.
      • WineSnob reviews and opinions are not paid-for in order to remain authentic and objective.

If you are looking to use WineSnob media for a print project or other promotional material (TV, Video, etc) that is not covered in this Free Social Media & Internet Use License, please submit a Media Request here.

Thank you for all your support!

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