Request an on-site visit by WineSnob

Thank you for your interest in having WineSnob visit your winery/tasting-room. This will usually results in a feature on WineSnob media channels. Before you submit your request, here are a few things to consider:

      • If we have not yet reviewed any of your wines, it might be beneficial to submit wine(s) for review. This will help WineSnob better understand/appreciate your wines. You can submit a review request here.
      • WineSnob reviews and opinions are not paid-for in order to remain authentic and objective.
      • WineSnob does not publish any negative or disparaging reviews whatsoever. We focus only on the good stuff. We can share constructive criticism/opinions to you in private only if you request.
      • On-site visit requests should be made by an authorized representative of the winery/label/brand. This is usually an owner, winemaker, manager or senior operations staff.
      • If there is more travel involved than a day trip, this may delay my visit until I can plan my travel accordingly. As such if you are able to help with travel and/or accommodations, this will help prioritize my visit.

Please complete the form below as completely/accurately as you can. Use the Additional Information field to tell us more about your winery, thoughts, ideas and any information that would help us better understand and appreciate your wine. If you can offer assistance with travel and/or accommodations, please indicate here as well.

I (WineSnob) will reach out to you directly to get to know you personally and discuss next steps.

Privacy Notice
Any information provided to WineSnob is and will be used only for direct communication from WineSnob to you. This information will never be shared with any third party.

Request Form

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