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Join WineSnob in exploring and tasting wines from around the world. We have been searching for a way to include everyone in this journey and are pleased to announce has been selected Ambassador. This gives us access to a wide selection of unique wines from around the world, the ability to curate selections and most importantly share them with you.

WineSnob Watch List!

So you signed up for Stewardship (see below), maybe made an order or two and now you’re wondering where to go from there. There is just so much wine, you don’t know where to start. I have curated and maintain a list of unique interesting wines I have found on and reviewed on WineSnob. You can be sure these wines are going to be great and/or present you with an interesting and new perspective on wines from around the world. Be sure to follow on Instagram for alerts as they come up.

Sign-up for Stewardship

I have been using stewardship for almost a year now and I absolutely love it! It’s an annual fee/membership upgrade to your account which gets you among other perks:

    • Free shipping on all orders
    • Ship wine to anyone for free
    • Special discounts and promotions
    • I got a surprise Birthday gift, you might too

Stewardship has essentially extended my cellar to include the vast selection of wines from around the world at . Their entire catalogue of wines is available at my finger tips and just a few days away from my doorstep. Stewardship usually pays for itself by the second shipment. Get dialed-in and let’s do some bottle exchanges!

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