WineSnob Alerts!

2020 Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday Season

Here is a list (alphabetical order) of opportunities you might want to consider to stock up on some great wines this holiday season! Did I miss anything? Feel free to reach out to me here and let me know of any new WineSnob Alerts, sales, opportunities or if any have expired. Cheers!

Amador Cellars

This is one to watch closely. I highly recommend following this winemaker. Their terroir driven wine are very representative of the region. Precise, crisp and well executed. Everything on the menu is good. There’s something for every palate. My favorites include Aglianico, Maurvedre, Grenache, Touriga. All their whites are measured, crisp, balanced and well built. Stock up on the Aglianico and Maurvedre and lay them down for the next 5-10 years for a real treat! Tell them WineSnob says Hi!

Ending Sunday the 29th, 25% off case (12 bottles). Club members get 30% off case. Cellar Club members get 35% off. Current releases only. Mix and match OK. Visit their website:

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Jeff Runquist Wines

I haven’t spent much time exploring this winemaker’s work. However the only time I visited the tasting room, I thought the wines were well made overall. He has a style of his own which resonates with a sizeable audience. My favorites were the Cab Franc, Touriga and Port/Dessert wines. I think his wines are worth exploring especially at these prices.

30% for 30 days (wine club). Black Friday case sales (12 bottles): Rose of Sangiovese $204, Carignane $225, Z Zinfandel @216, Petit Verdot $228, Muscat Canelli $116. Visit their website:

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Mediterranean Vineyards

This relatively recent addition to the Fair Play wine region, is a fast moving, vibrant, trend-setting, versatile winery. I love their energy. They make a wine range of wines that appeal to virtually every palate out there. My favorites are their Nebbiolo, Reserve Syrah (All Syrahs), Barbera, Mataro, Pinot Grigio and a few more I can’t think of right now. They also have on-going case sales so be sure to call the tasting room and inquire. Tell them WineSnob says Hi!

Mix and match Six bottles for $100 or a Case for $180. Visit their website:

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Vino Noceto

I have been following this winemaker’s work for well over a decade. Their wines, essentially all estate, are high quality, understated, representative of the region and California at large and always offer great value. They provide a great benchmark reference point for anyone exploring wines from this part of the world. My favorites include their flagship Sangiovese, Sangiovese Riserva, Aglianico, Misto, OGP Zin, Frivolo and much more. Be sure to check out WineSnob TV for more on this winemaker. Tell them WineSnob says Hi.

Currently running 10-40% + $5 Case Shipping. Visit their website:

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Pali Wine Company

Pali is one of my go-to wines from the California Central Coast. A couple times a year they run a sales offering steep discounts, providing a great opportunity to stock up on their signature and the flagship wines. I have too many favorites to list. You can’t go wrong with their signature wines (the white labels). A few of their flagship wines (the yellow/tan labels) are favorites too (Huntington, Bluffs, Riviera). All great Pinot Noirs for any occasion.

Over 50% off on 6+ bottles. Too many deals to mention. Visit their website:

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Passagio Wines

This winemaker checked off all the things I look for while out exploring wine country. Small batch limited production artisan wines. Her style is very nuanced, subtle, crisp, aromatic wines. Everything, I mean everything on the menu is really good. You can’t go wrong. Tell them WineSnob says Hi.

Not sure for how much longer but they’re currently running a 40% off sale on 6 or more bottles. Use code HUG40. Visit their website:

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Via Romano Vineyards

Great small batch Italian style artisan wines from El Dorado Hills. I love their wines. They are more medium to light bodied and nuanced. My favorites are the Fiasco and Primitivo. The whites are very aromatic, nicely balanced and an interesting study overall.

50% off retail, 10% off wine (non-club), 30% off wine (club), flash sales up to 40% all weekend. Visit their website:

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