2020 Pinot Noir (Whole Cluster) by Willamette Valley Vineyards, Oregon

Tonight’s Occasion: 2020 Pinot Noir (Whole Cluster) by Willamette Valley Vineyards, Oregon.

Rich ruby color. Bright colorful bouquet of ripe cherries, raspberries, cranberry and pomegranate. Wet earthy leather, slightly mineral sedimentary. It adds a great terroir driven dimension to its playful disposition. Soft oak vanilla further accentuates the fruit expression. Nice.

Light body with bold fruit character. A rich vanilla amplifies the expression and lends a creamy undertone without being over-oaked. A balancing act with Pinot Noir indeed. A subtle bitterness lingers throughout, likely due to its mineral underpinnings. Body quickly dissipates over the palate leaving behind a sweet cherry cola essence which develops a slight root beer essence before vanishing, leaving the palate slightly moist palate, another subtle indication of its mineral underpinnings.

This is a great pleaser of a wine! Pinot Noir from this region, when done right, can sometimes be perceived as a bit abstract because of the way it’s unique volcanic/mineral terroir is uniquely expressed. This wine however, compensates for these characteristics very nicely. This opens up it’s appeal to a broader spectrum of palate, especially beginners or folks who are still discovering Pinot Noir as a whole. A great every day sipper for the intermediate to advanced palate. Buy a case! You won’t be disappointed! Very nicely done!

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