2017 Pinot Noir (San Saba Vineyard), Monterey, by Wrath Wines

Tonight’s occasion: 2017 Pinot Noir (San Saba Vineyard), Monterey, by Wrath Wines

Clear bright ruby color. Dry nose is more mineral leather biased out of the bottle. Berries and fruit fall back and play second fiddle. Swirling unlocks more crisp dark berries, and cola.

Body has a pleasant balance from front to back starting with a bright attack, followed by light, crisp berries and a refined caramel. This has the effect of rendering a slightly silky mouth feel which wets the palate. Transition to finish starts with a subtle handoff of the caramel to cola and crisp, light tannins. The palate drifts between moist and dry as the finish progresses. This finally ends is a slightly dry spice tingle. An unmistakable leather lingers throughout the entire experience from start to finish. I like it.

I stumbled upon this Winemaker’s work thanks to one of you WineSnobs. I thought she did a fantastic job with their entire offering – a great selection of highly terroir driven wines. Nicely done Sabrine and the entire crew at Wrath Wines.

Thanks to wine.com and their extensive library, you can now access most of the wines I review on here. You can use the link below to have Wrath wines delivered to your doorstep

Shop Wrath wines on Wine.com

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