2016 Pinot Noir (Grey – Glacier) by Ventisqero, Chile

Tonight’s occasion: 2016 Pinot Noir (Grey – Glacier) by Ventisqero, Leyda Valley, Chile.

Dark semi opaque color. Out of the bottle you are greeted by a rich aromatic nose with notes of ripe plums, and an earthy leather reminiscent of loamy sedimentary terroir and wet wood. Swirl vigorously to release a burst or sweet cherries and an even more intense leather. Hints of mushrooms and black licorice linger in the background. What a beautiful nose.

Body greets with a slightly acidic attack. This is quickly smothered by a silky, velvety body of slightly tart plum and a touch of oak. This lends a mouth watering character. Subtle tannins provide a low level foundation and structure. No sooner than it arrives, the body quickly fades away quickly transitioning to a thin whispy silky sheets in the wind. This is where the previously understated tannins take over, eventually leaving the palate slightly parched and under a firm but gentle tannic grip. Random tinglings of spice punctuate the finish.

First order of business when I land in Chile is to visit this Winemaker. I absolutely love their work. Very well crafted, artisan wines. This Pinot punches several classes above its weight. Like every one of their wines I’ve tried, it makes no compromises.

Bien hecho amigos!

Read more Ventisquero on WineSnob.

You can access Ventisquero wines directly from the Ventiquero Wine Club website as well as on wine.com, both linked below.


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