Guest Review: 2018 Red Blend by Cruse Wine Company

Guest Review: Cruse Wine Company Monkey Jacket Red Blend, 2018.

The Cruse Wine Company is operated by 2018’s San Francisco Chronicle Winemaker of the Year, Michael Cruse. He’s been called the Tarantino of Sparkling, but has a so much more to offer, and in such an early company. The company is based in Petaluma California,the newest AVA of California created in 2018. When I saw this wine, and its funky combination of grapes I knew it deserved a taste. Cruse Wine Co: Monkey Jacket is composed of 51% Valdiguié, the remainder coming from Carignan, Syrah, and red field blend from the North Coast of California.

The goal of this wine was to present the amazing and high-quality wines from California. Michael Cruse and his team lived up to this endeavor. I absolutely loved this wine, and plan to check out more from this producer. This wine has a strong yet complex bouquet of cherries and tobacco. It’s a hazy colored ruby, but don’t be deceived! The taste culminates a slight fizz from the sulphites, juicy red fruit, a low tannic profile and a mouthwatering experience.

🌟: 9/10, 2 – Preference, 3 Complexity, 1 Pairability, 1 Convenience, 2 Drinkability
💲: 28.00 USD
🥐: It drinks closer to a pinot noir, so I would pair this with poultry but its versatility makes it great with a mandarin chicken salad tossed in poppyseed dressing.

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About our guest

Ethan Turner is author of today’s Guest Review. All the way from Scottsdale Arizona, Ethan is a certified Level 1 Sommelier actively working in the service industry where he gets to sharpen his palate on a daily basis. In his own words.

“Going to a wine shop is like going to a library. Each wine has its own story, flavor profile, and shelf life. Some wines are popular and become classics, some wines are trendy and go out of style within a few years. That makes it really hard to find the right wine. I love helping find what’s perfect for them.”

You can follow Ethan’s journey via his Instagram page @ineedsommehelp

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