2006 Anagram (Bordeaux Blend) by Moran Manor

Tonight’s occasion: 2006 Anagram (Bordeaux Blend) by Moran Manor (@moran_manor), Sonoma County, California.

I love an understated wine. This unsuspecting wine isn’t immediately obvious until you take a closer look at the vintage, then take a sip and double-back, realizing this wine is just now showing nicely at 14+ years of age.

Nose is initially shy, revealing an intense but subdued plum, a touch of leather, wet wood and faint spices in the back.

Body is dry, balanced. Bold crisp tannins provide lots of firm structure. Wood notes move forward while plum steps back. Leather fades away and plum takes over the transition to finish characterized by a big bold dry tannic grip on the palate. Subtle hints or black currant, licorice and spices linger on the palate.

This is a Bordeaux style blend made in the traditional style. It is aging very gracefully and showing beautifully right now. A great indicator of the life of this Winemaker’s Anagram signature line. Snag a few bottles of this wine each year and forget about them.

Nicely done!

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