2008 Sangiovese (La Tarantella) by Hitching Post

Tonight’s occasion: 2008 Sangiovese (La Tarantella) by Hitching Post, Happy Canyon, Santa Barbara, California.

Deep dark color. Warm intense nose with a tart plum up front. Swirl vigorously to unlock secondary notes of caramel and ripe dark cherries. Terroir appears neutral but closer inspection reveals a touch of minerality. This is already big next to most Sangiovese I’ve had.

On the body, the attack is mildly acidic but quickly tempered by tart plum which midway through, introduces a good balance of tannic structure. The caramel notes step further back and add great accompaniment to the overall slightly silky, jammy mouth feel. Once opened, tannins develop a fine grained texture towards the back. The finish is abrupt as the body quickly vanishes, leaving your palate dry, lips tacked shut and a gentle but ever increasing spice warms the palate down to the chest.

I can’t imagine what this wine was like at bottling. It must have been barely approachable because 12 years later it is still standing tall and strong. This bottle is a real treat. I had no idea they made a Sangiovese, let alone one like this. My good friend brought this back from the central valley. Thank you Jill for your generosity and kindness.

Nicely done!

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2 Replies to “2008 Sangiovese (La Tarantella) by Hitching Post”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of our family wine which Jill gave you and is made by Frank Ostini. We are so happy you have been able to taste the culmination of my father’s dream/passion. We only produce about 100 cases per year and share the production 50/50 with Frank. If you contact HP wines Frank might sell some but it’s not on his menu – it’s the hidden gem in his warehouse.
    My father, Donald Petroni and his cousin Lorenzo (http://www.petronivineyards.com/) brought the vines from Italy in the 80’s and he grew his fruit on his beloved Happy Canyon La Tarantella ranch. He was not a wine maker so partnered with his dear friend Frank, to make his wine. My dad passed last year and the family have been the lucky recipients of about 350 cases of 05 – 19 vintages.
    Frank is making a last commemorative 2020 vintage for the family in honor of my dad as we are selling the ranch.
    PS: the 06 is the best!


    1. What a great back story! I love wine with a story! Sorry for your recent loss. 🍷😔🙏🏽 Jill was kind enough to bring me a slightly younger vintage than this 08. I still have it and will likely lay it down for a while after what I saw with this 08. I suspect that 06 you speak of is just right. I’ll probably have to settle for envying you. 🍷😁🤦🏽‍♂️

      PS: the Petroni wines look interesting. How did I miss it being in Sonoma? 😅🤦🏽‍♂️


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