Guest Review: 2015 Grand Vin De Bordeaux by Chateau Joly

Guest Review: Saint-Emilion Chateau Joly 2015 Grand Vin De Bordeaux.

Saint-Emilion is the home of great Merlot, and, Chateau Joly – owned by one of the three eldest negociants in France – showcases that. Horeau-Beylot is the négociant and supplier of wine across many regions of Bordeaux, including a large range of grand crus! This wine is composed of different vineyards aging 25years old on average. The expertise and wisdom that is build from these wines shows.

It was a pleasure to drink this wine! It’s got a smooth and velvety feel, a nice balance that won’t make your mouth water too much, nor dry it out. As a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend it’s quite fruity, lots of fresh cherry and raspberry. It was complex, and the terroir of Saint-Emilion shines through this wine. I would recommend this wine to anyone interested in a great Bordeaux blend that is fruit forward.

🌟: 9/10, 3 – Preference, 2- Complexity, 1 Pairability, 1 Convenience, 2 Drinkability
💲: 29.99USD (@totalwine)
🥐: Could be paired well with a cherry pie actually, or a nice pork shank!

Salut! 😁🍷🍷🍷

About our guest

Ethan Turner is author of today’s Guest Review. All the way from Scottsdale Arizona, Ethan is a certified Level 1 Sommelier actively working in the service industry where he gets to sharpen his palate on a daily basis. In his own words.

“Going to a wine shop is like going to a library. Each wine has its own story, flavor profile, and shelf life. Some wines are popular and become classics, some wines are trendy and go out of style within a few years. That makes it really hard to find the right wine. I love helping find what’s perfect for them.”

You can follow Ethan’s journey via his Instagram page @ineedsommehelp

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