2006 Shiraz by Massena, Barossa Valley, Australia

Tonight’s occasion: 2006 Shiraz (the eleventh hour) by Massena, Barossa Valley, Australia.

Deep rich color. Heavy nose rich with an intense leather and mushroom that hits you as soon as you uncork it. Once it breathes a little, a sweet cherry undertone reveals itself along with even more terroir. A few additional herbal notes I cannot pinpoint linger in the back along with old oak. Wow. The nose has so much going on. A thick, jammy, chewy body awaits. Characterized by a slight acidic prominence, smooth buttery tannins and plum essence. A smooth transition to a graceful finish capped by moderate spice and mild tannic grip.

This wine must have been a massive beast in its hay day, perhaps even borderline unapproachable just on the nose alone. However after 13 years of patience it has had time to fully develop and settle down into a big, bold, beautiful work of art. This my friends is a shining example of Shiraz from Barossa Valley. Well done! 😁🍷🍷🍷

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