There are only two states you can find WineSnob in: Levitating in wine infused bliss OR going on carefully articulated explative filled tirades on how he feels insulted and betrayed by the bottle he just opened. Thankfully there’s usually someone from the winesnob team close by to keep him grounded. Winesnob believes a well made wine, a wine worth drinking, needs no pairing. “A good wine pairs well with itself” he always says as he brushes off whatever extras anyone thinks they should pair with their wine. It’s against his religion to drink store-bought wine. He always brings his own wine, and would rather you don’t bring yours. He is completely obsessed with Nebbiolo, specifically from Langhe, Italy. Why, is still a mystery…lol

Field Wino

If you ever spot our Field Wino, that’s likely a sign you are on our Wine Radar and there’s a good chance he’ll be back the following weekend with WineSnob. He’s out there almost every weekend hunting for gems, wandering off the beaten path, leaving no stone unturned. He is the tip of our wine soaked spear. His goto wine is an inexpensive Bordeaux from France. Wine tasting is serious business for our Field Wino. He never goes wine tasting without straight coffee in hand to cleanse his palate between tastings. Field Wino is also a master griller and chef.


Fighting the good fight. Constantly exploring the outer bounds of what could, what should and quite frankly what should not be considered wine. Sarge prefers to enjoy his wines underwater and other challenging environments. This helps his palate maintain a very high level of readiness. With Sarge on our team, anything is possible. We can now sleep through the night knowing that all our bases are covered. Sarge will build a wine rack in less time than it takes three winesnobs to polish off a bottle. That’s Guinness World Record territory folks!

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