WineSnobTV: Off The Beaten Path – Naggiar Vineyards

Today Off The Beaten Path we pay a visit to one of my friends at Naggiar Vineyards in Grass Valley, California. I spent the day chatting with Mary Naggiar about the vineyard it’s history and story behind their wines. Open a good bottle, kick back and enjoy.

Here’s a quick timeline/index of what we talk about.

00:00 – Flyover the vineyard
01:52 – Intro with Mary Naggiar
03:55 – A little about Naggiar Vineyards
06:15 – Estate production, farming practices
07:26 – Naggiar Mediterranean worldly origins
10:20 – Music Season
12:18 – Surviving COVID19 challenges
14:12 – Walking the vineyard with Mary
19:33 – Views winery, vineyard, party time
23:10 – Signing off (WineSnob bonus)

For more reviews, exploits and content on Naggiar Vineyards you can visit the following link:

Visit Naggiar Vineyards official website here:

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