2018 Fiasco (Red Blend) by Via Romano, El Dorado County

Today’s occasion: 2018 Fiasco (Red Blend) by Via Romano, Sierra Foothills, CA

I give up. I was never meant to review this wine. Several times I have gone up the hill and come down with more of this wine. Each time with full intention of reviewing it on here. Every time I have failed. I brought back a case last time. It’s gone!

It vanishes so fast I never seem to get around to doing a focused tasting. This is the closest I have come – taking pictures. Moments after taking this picture, friends showed up. I figured they will all help me review it. I poured everyone a glass and that was the end of it.

Not all wines have to be superlative. This wine isn’t. But some wines are just so pleasant and enjoyable to sip, they go completely unnoticed. This is one of them. Smooth, light, creamy, body. Bright beautiful nose with lots of berries and El Dorado leather (my notes ended here)

It’s been over two years now I’ve been wanting to talk about the Fiasco. The irony in all this is that my review of this Gem of a wine has been, up to this point, a complete Fiasco!

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