2016 Proprietor’s Blend by CG DiArie

Today’s occasion: 2016 Proprietor’s Blend by CG DiArie, Shenandoah Valley, CA.

Tonight we are again lost in the hills, off the beaten path.

Clear intense ruby red color. Nose is a little shy with notes of plum and butterscotch. Swirling vigorously unlocks a burst of its granite underpinnings. Ahhhh. Like home. This all too familiar essence gets me every time. It’s a nice mix of dusty granite mineral and earthy leather. As it breathes, a gentle star anise emerges further asserting its origins. The nose warms. Red berries dot the backdrop as the butterscotch falls backstage. I could sniff this all day.

A bright attack greets hand in hand with thin, crisp tannins in the form of dark plum. Both quickly fall to the floor, creating thin unobtrusive crisp structure. Subtle, crisp, clean oak makes an appearance, ushering dark plums and dark cherries across the stage. Mineral leather starts to wet the palate. This marks the transition to finish. This conspires with the plum to create a subtle cola eventually ending in a grippy, slightly moist palate. Spice tingle and heat win this battle finale. A slight drool may ensue.

What makes this wine even more fascinating is the winemaker’s story. It is a masterful blend, well crafted, balanced. A polished representation of the region. At the 10yr mark it should be even more magnificent! I need to get a few more for the long haul…

Nicely done Chaim, Elisheva, Sivan and the entire crew at CG DiArie!

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