2016 Cabernet Sauvignon (Heritage) by Browne

Tonight’s occasion: Cabernet Sauvignon (Heritage) by Browne Family VineyardsBrowne Family Vineyards, Columbia Valley, Washington.

Deep dark opaque color. Out of the bottle nose is a little shy for a Cab. I was curious to see how the milder climate affects this otherwise big, bold grape. Nose has a good balance of dark, slightly ripe plum. A subtle leather reminiscent of sedimentary terroir. Very faint sawdust and mushrooms linger in the distance. You would almost miss them.

Body is where you can see the difference this region and its climate makes. I expected the bold fruit and aggressive profile typical of a California Cab, but this is not the case. It is very nicely balanced and restrained from front to back. Slightly tart plum is softened by a touch of oak which softens the whole experience giving it a hint of caramel towards the back. Tannins are almost secondary in their expression, providing good structure that almost blends in completely. Transition to finish is fairly seamless and characterized by subtle caramel, black currant, and a slight dry tannic grip which eventually overcomes an otherwise moist palate. A hint of spice lingers for a moment.

This is a gentle Cab with a very broad appeal. I can see it appealing to an intermediate, even beginner palate while still maintaining enough complexity to keep an advanced palate interested. This… is no mean feat.

Nicely done folks! 🍷😁👌🏽


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