2005 Barbaresco (Roncaglie) by Poderi Colla, Alba, Italy.

2005 Barbaresco (Roncaglie) by Poderi Colla, Alba, Italy (DOCG).

Slightly maroon color. Nose is a little shy. Up front slightly under-ripe dark plum, old damp wood leather. In the back, a subtle honeycomb beeswax. As it decants, subtle caramelization adds a touch of ripeness and cocoa.

WOW! Body is very firm up front. Bold attack greets in the form of under-ripe plum and red apple skins. This brings with it, fully integrated, fine grained dusty tannins that grip almost immediately, progressively tightening their vise grip over the palate with each sip. As it breathes, the acidic punch softens into a gentle yet still firm tension across the palate from front to back. Mouth feel is dry, and leathery. Weight is medium-heavy for a Barbaresco. Somewhat bright. Hints of spice linger but none can match the sheer dominating and overpowering force of the tannic grip. Lips are parched shut. As it breathes, some of those tannins caramelize nicely to lend a subtle punctuation of sweetness in the vast dryness of its expression. This has the effect of elevating and ripening the fruit, especially plum. Hints of cocoa develope so faint you’d likely miss it.

Wow. I thought this Nebbiolo might be over the hill but boy was I wrong. It is still standing tall and strong after 17 years. This is an exquisitely crafted wine every cellar should have. This is my last bottle and I sorely wish I had more. I have had a hard time finding this wine for years now. A solid Barbaresco for the Advanced Palate.

Molto Bene! πŸ·πŸ˜™πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

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Reserve: 2005 Barbaresco, Roncaglie, Poderi Colla

Tonight’s occasion is a 2005 Barbaresco, Roncaglie, Poderi Colla. WOW!!! This 14 year old vintage still packs a heavy punch. It comes right out of the bottle swinging with a big nose full of dirt, terroir and aromas that instantly dominate the immediate space. A thick chewy body followed by a massive tannic finish that feels like it has no intention of fading or backing down without a fight.

I absolutely love the wine and the boat loads of attitude it has. Very unusual for a Barbaresco which tends to be on the mild side of the Nebbiolo variety. If you’re wondering what a big bold wine tastes like, then you really have to try this. The good news is you might be able to find it at your local Total Wine and every now and then you will find an older vintage like this or close. Worth every penny.

2012 Barbaresco by Produttori del Barbaresco

Tonight’s occasion we’re going back to Italy with this 2012 Barbaresco, Produttori del Barbaresco. I have a bit of a bittersweet relationship with Barbaresco. I’m obsessed with Nebbiolo but I find that the way it’s made in this region typically leaves me wanting more. Unlike a Barolo or a Langhe Rosso which pack a big heavy mouthfeel and long finish, the Barbaresco tends to be more delicate. I think it’s fascinating nonetheless. I feel fortunate to be able to contemplate such nuances from around the world. Have you tried any of the Italian wines? What’s your favorite?

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2006 Barolo by Lo Zoccolaio

Tonight’s occasion: In honor of MLK. 2006 Barolo, Lo Zoccolaio. This wine is the embodiment of a big wine. Huge earthy nose, mineral attack with very subtle hints of caramel and berries, smooth body and long majestic gripping tannic finish that lasts all night. I am trying to build a vertical but they are rare and hard to find out here. I sometimes get lucky at Total Wine.

This wine means business. Another reminder why I am absolutely obsessed with the Nebbiolo grape and what the Italians have done with it. What’s your latest occasion?