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Wine.comWould you like to join WineSnob in exploring and tasting wines from around the world? We have been searching for a way to include everyone in this journey and are pleased to announce WineSnob.blog has been selected Wine.com Ambassador. This gives us access to a wide selection of unique wines from around the world, the ability to curate monthly selections and most importantly this means we can share them with you.

Every month we will select about three wines from regions around the world. These will be wines we have yet to explore. You will have the opportunity to order these wines through Wine.com . Together we will taste one wine each week, share our thoughts and publish your tasting notes.

April 2020

This month’s selection is more specific. We will be exploring Pinot Noir from Australia. When you talk about Australian wines, most folks immediately bring up or recommend Shiraz. However my trip to the Down Under last fall was quite a revelation in oenology. It quickly became apparent that – for those who bucked that trend – Australia finest wines are in fact their Pinot Noirs. This wasn’t just specific instances, regions or winemakers. This was generally across the board and at all price points. These

    1. Pinot Noir (Layla) by Helen & Joey – Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.
      Order on Wine.com
    2. 2015 Pinot Noir by Handpicked Wines – Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.
      Order on Wine.com
    3. 2017 Pinot Noir by Holm Oak – Tasmania, Australia. SOLD OUT
      Order on Wine.com
    4. 2016 Shiraz by Angove Family – McLaren Vale, South Australia. SOLD OUT
      Order on Wine.com

Order one or order all three! Most shipments arrive within days. The wines will be opened on the second, third and fourth weeks of each month in the order listed above.

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